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Title Platform Release Genre
5 Days a Stranger PC 2003 Horror Adventure
6 Days a Sacrifice PC 2007-01-05 Horror Adventure
7 Days a Skeptic PC 2004 Horror Adventure
3D Dot Game Heroes PS3 2009-11-05 Action-Adventure
3-D Worldrunner NES 1987-09-01 Shooter
The 3rd Birthday PSP 2010-12-22 Third-person Shooter
Luigi's Mansion 2 3DS 2012 Action-Adventure
Animal Crossing 3D 3DS 2012-11-08 Social simulation
Project P-100 Wii U 2012-- Real-Time Strategy, Action
Halo: Combat Evolved Xbox 2001-11-15 First-person shooter
Double Fine Adventure Mac, Linux, PC, iOS, Android 2014-01-28 Adventure, Point-and-click adventure
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