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Title Platform Release Genre
Half-Life 2 PC 2004-11-16 First-Person Shooter
Halo 2 Xbox, PC 2004-11-09 First-Person Shooter, First-person shooter
Halo: Combat Evolved Xbox 2001-11-15 First-person shooter
Hana Saku DS Gardening Life DS 2007 Gardening & Flower Arrangement
Hanjuku Hero NES, Wii 1988-12-02 Real-Time Strategy, Strategy
Hanjuku Hero IV: The Seven Half-Boiled Heroes PS2 2005-05-26 Real-Time Strategy, Strategy
Hanjuku Hero VS 3D PS2 2003-06-26 Action RPG
Hataraku Chocobo     Simulation genre
Heavy Metal Thunder PS2 2005-09-01 Action
Heavy Rain PS3 2010-02-18 Interactive drama, Psychological thriller
Hero Academy iOS, PC 2012-01-11 Turn-based strategy, Strategy
Heroes of Mana DS 2007-03-08 Strategy RPG
Hexcite Fusion     Puzzle
Highlander PS3 2010-03-30 Action
Highway Star     Racing genre
Horses 3D 3DS 2012-03-27 Virtual pet
Hotel Dusk: Room 215 DS 2007-01-22 Adventure
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