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Title Platform Release Genre
Vagrant Story PS, PSN 2000-02-10 Action, Adventure, Role-Playing Game|RPG, Dungeon Crawl
Valkyria Chronicles PS3 2008-04-24 Tactical RPG, Real-Time Strategy, Strategy
Valkyria Chronicles II PSP 2010-01-21 Tactical RPG
Valkyria Chronicles III PSP 2011-01-27 Tactical RPG
Valkyrie Profile PS 2000-08-29 Action RPG
Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria PS2 2006-09-26 RPG
Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume DS 2008-11-01 Tactical RPG
Valkyrie Profile Lenneth PSP 2006-07-18 RPG
Vanquish PS3, Xbox 360 2010-10-19 Action, Shooter
Viewtiful Joe GCN, PS2 2003-06-26 Action, Platform, Beat 'em Up, Side-Scrolling
VVVVVV PC, 3DS 2010-09-08 Platform, Puzzle
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