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Cave Story

An Action-Adventure game for PC, WiiWare, and DSiWare by Studio Pixel

Cave Story box art

In this indie gem, follow one amnesia-ridden soldier's journey of self-discovery through a surreal and cavernous underground realm. Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya solely presents a game for the nostalgic in all of us. Dripping with old school charm, A-grade retro level design, tried and true gameplay mechanics, unforgettable characters and a bitchin' chiptune soundtrack, this one's not to be missed.

Versions and ports

Originally available for PC (and still downloadable at, Cave Story garnered enough buzz to eventually receive WiiWare and DSiWare ports, as well as complete remake in 3D for 3DS, Cave Story 3D.

Cave Story+ was released for Steam in 20111. It features remastered HD graphics, several new game modes like "Boss Rush", new levels that offer platform hell-like challenges, and achievements. Cave Story+ was also ported to Mac App Store2, though it doesn't include achievements.

Cave Story + trailer

  1. Cave Story+ on Steam

  2. Cave Story+

News & Blogs

Check out this Destructoid blog post chock-full of delicious Cave Story-related goodness, including details on future Steam updates (leaderboards!) and an upcoming (a month!) eShop release, as well as a good word on Wii U development and system power. Unfortunately, this pretty good news comes off the heels of some pretty bad news: La Mulana, the retro indie Metroidvania-adventure-platformer that Nicalis intended to publish on WiiWare, has been canceled, though a self-published PC release is still in the works by the developer, and you can still download the original freeware release.

Not long ago, the face of the video game industry had a form far different than what we see today. During the years leading up to the current console generation, Japan ran the show, leaving Western gamers at the mercy of sluggish localizations and with no choice but to read and re-read import coverage as they waited impatiently for killer titles to trickle overseas. Even landmark, blockbuster games like Final Fantasy VII took their time in making the transition to English; nine months separated the Japanese and American releases of the franchise's 32-bit debut, an unthinkable delay today.

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