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Heavy Metal Thunder

An Action game for PlayStation 2 by Media.Vision and Square Enix

Heavy Metal Thunder box art

In 2980, robot fights are awesome. As teenager Denki Akihabara, entering into the tournament of Titan Fight (a competition in which losing robots are destroyed and their owners buried on Death Island) for the sole purpose of fame and fortune, you're unaware of what kind of trouble you're getting yourself into...

The plot spans roughly thirty years in total, with Denki over forty years old at the end of the game.

Don't stop fighting, let's Heavy Metal Thunder!

  • Heavy Metal Thunder is loosely adapted from Heavy Meta-san, a metal/hard rock show broadcast on TV Tokyo, hosted by gravure idol Yoko Kumada and sponsored by Square Enix.
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Box Art

Heavy Metal Thunder
[[Category:PlayStation 2]]
Release date
01 Sept 2005
Heavy Metal Thunder box art for PlayStation 2

News & Blogs

Yeah, so, okay. Per Insertcredit, who can read Japanese, the following: "[...] for the opening theme, Japanese schlock rock group Sex Machineguns will be playing with Michael Shenker, of Scorpions and MSG fame (he's inexplicably popular in Japan, and referenced in pop culture as easily as Jimmy Hendrix would be). Also featured, Marty Friedman from Megadeth and Hawaii." and "[...] the game is command-based robot fighting, called 'robo-ress' (a play on puroresu, short for 'pro wrestling')". The main character is now named, as "denki akihabara": "Akihabara is of course the big electronics district in Tokyo, also referred to as 'electric town'. Denki indicated electricity, so there's a dual pun there." I certainly approve of this news.1

  1. Insert Credit

Watch Impress and Eurogamer today report of news that Square Enix has prepped a TV show that will be airing in Japan on Tokyo TV from April: Heavy Metal Thunder, starring Yoko Kumada as the host and the Sex MachineGuns on the opening theme, seems ambiguous in terms of content at this point, although apparently Squenix intends to announce a game based on the show's image, as well. Yoko Kumada & The Sex Machine Guns: the TV Show: the Game? The Japanese truly are insane.1

  1. Eurogamer

Heavy Metal Thunder Game Music Soundtracks

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