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Lock On

A Simulation game for Super NES by Vic Tokai Inc.

Lock On box art

The year is 1990.The world market has slid into recession, and the countries of the world, beginning with the more advanced nations, have slashed their military budgets. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, civil wars and disturbances break out everywhere. Guns and ammunition, instead of going through normal military channels, are being diverted to the black market. Among these weapons are some of the latest jet aircraft, planes that showed overwhelming power in the Gulf War.

It looks as if the world is poised on the edge of the Third World War. Suddenly, lighter planes, country of origin unknown, violate the air space over an unknown country in the Middle East. Innumerable blips appear on radar screens. The head of the government of the unknown country asks for the intervention of UN Forces.

Gentleman, your mission is to defeat all of the planes you see on your on-board radar. So, show your true colors, prevent the spread of this war, and stop the outbreak of World War Three.

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Box Art

Super Air Diver
[[Category:Super NES]]
Release date
16 July 1993
Super Air Diver box art for Super NES
Lock On
[[Category:Super NES]]
Release date
Oct 1993
Lock On box art for Super NES
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