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Streets of Rage 3

A Side-scrolling Beat 'em Up game for Sega Genesis by Sega in the Streets of Rage series

Streets of Rage 3 box art
  • An unrelated movie called "Streets of Rage" was released the same year as the game.
  • In the Western version Axel, Blaze and Skate wear different costumes (so Axel is in yellow & black, Blaze is in silver etc.) Sega's reasoning was that the new colour schemes were "gender neutral".
  • Max from Streets of Rage 2 is in the final picture of the end credits.
  • Play the Japanese game on Duel Mode only to discover that you are playing "Bare Knucle 3".
  • Early screenshots of the game showed levels where the team rode motorbikes. These were dropped from the final release.
  • If you don't pick up the chicken when fighting Yamoto at the end of Round 4 it will explode shortly before he does.
  • The 1UP icons are little Adam dolls.
  • Play the game through on Easy. When you reach the end of Round 5 some different text appears, as Robot X mocks you for playing "like a beginner" and Zan tells the team that they must try harder. The game then shows Mr X looking on with his wine glass (as it does on the Round 7 (B) Ending) and ends.
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Box Art

Streets of Rage 3
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Release date
Streets of Rage 3 box art for Sega Genesis
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