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An Action-Adventure game for PlayStation 2 by Sega and Amusement Vision in the Yakuza series

Yakuza box art

Kazuma Kiryu, a member of the Tojo Clan, was a leading henchman in the Dojima family and runs into a grand debacle of a conspiring ploy to dethrone the great Sohei Dojima (leader of the Tojo Clan) by Kazuma's close friend Akira Nishiki. Kazuma arriving at the scene takes the blow for Nishiki and endures a 10 year sentence to prison. After his release, he discovers 10 Billion Yen is missing from the Tojo Clan along with his friend Nishiki leading his own subsidiary clan of the Dojima Family. Kazuma suspecting Nishiki's involvement of the crime leads him to investigate further as he ventures back in the Yakuza underworld once more in order to reclaim his honor; long live "The Dragon of the Dojima Family".

  • Rokkaku Gouji from Jet Set Radio makes an appearance, although he does not speak.
  • The arcade machines found in Club Sega feature screenshots of Sega's own popular fighting series, Virtua Fighter.
  • Although the game does not explicitly say it, much of the game takes place in Tokyo's Shinjuku ward, most noticeably a recreation of Shinjuku's red-light district Kabukichō, which is famous for its organized crime presence. Although the area was recreated as a fictionalized "Kamurocho district", much of Kabukichō's landmarks remain (such as Theater Square, Don Quixote, the red neon sign in the district's entrance, and Seibu Shinjuku Station).

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Box Art

[[Category:PlayStation 2]]
Release date
08 Dec 2005
Yakuza box art for PlayStation 2
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