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Producer Hajime Tabata talks about Final Fantasy Agito XIII and The 3rd Birthday

Square Enix has not revealed much information for both Final Fantasy Agito XIII and The 3rd Birthday for quite some time, with the exception of the debut trailers. Since the announcement of the platform switch from mobile phone to the PSP for both games two years ago, very little information has been revealed. Producer Hajime Tabata posted some information on his Twitter page in regards to both games.

Tabata wrote that The 3rd Birthday went into mass production at the start of 2010 and said that the team of developers has been hard at work and has exceeded expectations. Tabata claims that the game is about 50% complete. With the Electronic Entertainment Expo. right around the corner, some new information could possibly surface:

I think we should have an opportunity to unveil it soon

According to Tabata, Final Fantasy Agito XIII will be kept away from the public for little longer.1


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Producer Hajime Tabata, talks about Final Fantasy XIII: Agito and The 3rd Birthday

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  2. @Rahul ahh yes. I am still used to saying FFXII: Agito (its been fixed).

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